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Landsec engaged with Movemeon in order to utilise our effective and functional Freelance & Independent Consulting service line. The challenging conditions at the time meant Landsec wanted to transform its property management service and in turn, identify opportunities to improve customer service and drive business efficiencies.

Unlike rigid consulting models that are no longer fit for the way businesses need to react, Movemeon has the expertise and commerciality to align more effectively with our customers, including Landsec in this case. We understood the priorities and objectives needed to be achieved

The synergies between Landsec (in need of top-tier strategy/transformation talent) and Movemeon (a specialist platform catering specifically for this specific talent group) meant there were immediate and evident benefits to partnering together.

Our approach

Working with the direct reports for this role, the Head of Property and CFO, we built a comprehensive understanding of the challenge at hand, capturing analysis and identifying key areas of experience and skills needed for this project.

Within our network of 60,000+ consultants, Movemeon has a large freelance community with backgrounds from McKinsey, Bain & BCG as well as other top-tier strategy firms and the ‘Big 4’.

Successful candidate profile

  • Ex-PwC consultant with over 20 years as a consultant, working with organisations in Luxury Fashion, Retail, Media, Energy and Financial Services as well as Private Equity owned SMEs.
  • As a direct result of his work, clients have made £10m+ investment decisions, reduced annual costs by 10%, eliminated operational backlogs and avoided the regret spend of implementing poorly defined strategies.


  • It was 2 weeks between the initial briefing call to hire the independent consultant, meeting their timelines for this hire. The cost savings were considerable when compared to their alternatives of using traditional and rigid consulting firms. Our contingency fee model ensured that Landsec had no risk posed to them when partnering with Movemeon.

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