Head of Finance and Operations

Marymount International School (Rome) advertised on Movemeon for a Head of Finance and Operations to run all aspects of operations and finance at well-regarded international school.

The successful candidate has 7 years’ director-level experience and is McKinsey alum.


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An in-depth description of the role

The role

This role reports directly to the Head of School and participates as a key member of the senior leadership team. You will lead the Business Office team in the financial and administrative management of the school, overseeing school facilities, security, health and safety and the coordination of capital and refurbishment projects. This person also coordinates extensive human resources duties and works at both an operational and strategic level using strong influencing skills, as well as managing budgets and using project management and commercial skills to embrace a culture of continuous improvement.


  • Degree in Finance, Economics or Business Administration
  • At least 5 years of commercial experience, ideally in a consulting environment, with a strong understanding of finance and operations
  • Experience with fiscal management, Human Resources, contract negotiations and knowledge of tax, labour, contractual, and facilities regulations and laws
  • Fluent in English and another language (either already an Italian speaker, or able to quickly pick it up to a good level)

Duties and responsibilities

The Business Office works under the general direction of the Head of Finance and Operations. The Head of Finance and Operations holds ultimate responsibility for the preparation of the budgets and financial projections of the school to be presented and approved by the Head of School. They work in collaboration with the Head of School to control expenditures within the approved budgets. They also bear the responsibility for the maintenance of the school’s accounting records, the preparation of all students’ accounts and for ensuring their prompt settlement.

Financial management

  • The Head of Finance and Operations, in collaboration with Business Office staff, is responsible for the preparation of data for financial planning and fiscal management including all banking procedures and management of accounts and funds to be presented to Head of School who holds ultimate responsibility.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations is also responsible for preparing data for, and liaising with, external consulting firms for tax filings and payroll.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations holds office as an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents Finance Committee and together with the Head of School and Finance Committee Chair is responsible for preparing the Finance Committee report to the Board of Regents.

Other responsibilities

  • Provide insight and counsel as a member of the school’s senior leadership team.
  • Draft and / or edit external correspondence, and other communications for the Head of School as needed.
  • Serve as a point of contact and resource for school financial and fundraising activities.

Human Resources

  • The Head of Finance and Operations is responsible for hiring procedures and immigration paperwork for all teaching and non- teaching staff.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations, in collaboration with Business Office staff, is responsible for maintaining accurate records/files for each employee. He/she must also ensure and oversee policies, practices and contracts are developed and implemented according to local and other pertinent laws.

Buildings and grounds

The Head of Finance and Operations, in collaboration with Facilities Manager, is responsible for overseeing maintenance of school grounds, school cleanliness, general safety, security and the keeping in good condition of the entire campus.

Record keeping

  • The Head of Finance and Operations is responsible for the maintenance of full and complete archives relating to all school functions especially financial and budgeting, the physical plant, student records and employee records.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations needs to ensure that the school always has accurate and up to date records of all necessary information regarding staff and students.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations also supervises the collection of school fees, ensuring that the communication with families regarding financial matters is prompt, precise and informative while making sure that the Head of School, and such other staff members involved, have the necessary and accurate information.
  • The Head of Finance and Operations ensures that the Business Office is informed about any school functions that have a financial component, i.e. field trips, professional development, etc..

General administration

The following responsibilities should be considered of a general nature and may in part be covered by other responsibilities set out above:

  • Supervision of technology and technology support staff. Computerisation of school administration, admissions, students’ files, etc..
  • The negotiation of contracts especially, for example, food services, bus transportations, cleaning services and school uniform with outside suppliers and oversee to ensure that the contracts are respected.
  • The maintenance of fully adequate insurance policies covering all risks likely to affect the school’s physical plant, students, and employees.
  • Proper registration of all certificates and license with government and regulatory authorities .
  • Ensure proper legal review and minimise risks on all school contracts and documents.

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