Head of Operations

SecretSales.com organises online sales. Since its creation in 2007, the company has partnered with over 1600 designer brands ranging from luxury fashion, accessories, footwear, kidswear, beauty, home and electronics.

They advertised on movemeon for a Head of Operations position. The successful movemeon member previously worked as a Principal Consultant at The Windshire Group and has an MBA.

About the role

  • Optimisation of pre/post sale Operations
  • Effective co-ordination with Derby customer services
  • Maintain creative quality at an appropriate level

Job requirements

  • Analytical and prepared to roll their sleeves up for analysis
  • Action oriented and can turn insight from analysis into fast implementation
  • Can trade the business but from a data-driven basis

If you are interested, here is the full job description:

Primary Objectives

The Head of Operations owns pre-sale and post-sale business operations processes for SECRETSALES. Key objectives are as follows.

  • Process efficiency (cost of operations)
  • Effectiveness of Production/Creative (# sales throughput, lead time to live on site)
  • Optimisation of pre/post sale Operations (time from customer order to despatch)
  • Effective co-ordination with Derby customer services (issue resolution times)
  • Maintain creative quality at an appropriate level (on-site conversion rates)

Main Responsibilities


  • Lead, oversee and manage all aspects of production (Photography, Retouching, Editorial, Creative/Content)
  • Lead and drive the move to outsource and/or relocation of activity from London.
  • Lead a shift in emphasis towards cost efficiency, whilst ensuring creative quality sufficient to support on-site conversion rates.
  • Lead a shift towards utilisation of supplier imagery where appropriate.
  • Build resilience into Production processes, to ensure that Production is – never†the reason for a sale not to go live on site.
  • Engineer processes to maximise throughput


  • Oversee and improve all pre-sale operations processes, including those currently performed by ‘Buying Administrators’ within the Buying team
  • Implement effective and efficient pre-sale audit/compliance procedures (currently absent from the organisation)
  • Oversee business delivery schedule and ensure goods are delivered accurately and within customer expectations
  • Ensure the order-2- pay process is managed effectively and optimised to reduce errors
  • Review and optimize the systems in place to drive efficiency and cost reduction


  • Ensure effective liaison between CS Derby and the Operations team
  • Overall responsibility for issues resolution
  • Work with the Head of CS to identify and implement process improvements


The organisation is undergoing rapid change, and the Head of Operations will be responsible for leading this:

  • Shift in focus/culture of Production towards prioritisation of business efficiency
  • Migration of Photography to warehouse (or outsourced)
  • Outsourcing of Retouching
  • Work with CS Derby to stabilise processes and improve liaison with London
  • Migrate pre-sale Operations out of Buying team
  • Merge pre-sale and post-sale Operations into a single team
  • Drive significant Operations process efficiencies
  • Maintain team coherence during a period of likely significant churn/attrition

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