Movemeon partnered with Hullabalook

Our client, Hullabalook, contacted Movemeon to hire a Chief of Staff based in London. The Chief of Staff is responsible for working with the co-founder of Hullabalook to solve critical business problems as the company scales up. 

Client brief

The Hullabalook platform solves two key challenges for retailers: ‘sorting out’ their product data and creating user experiences that run in the browser to seamlessly show the best results to shoppers.

In 2021 the company increased revenue 3x YoY and raised a Series A from Nauta Capital. Hullabalook reached out to Movemeon to Hire a Chief of Staff to help drive the next phase of growth. This role is to work with the co-founder of Hullabalook to solve critical business problems as the company scales up and involves assisting in key hires for the business, organizational design, driving key commercial deals, investor relations and board preparations. 

Hullabalook’s hiring needs

  • Highly driven and entrepreneurial 
  • Good quantitative and financial modelling skills 
  • Ability to create excellent written materials to communicate information
  • Strong negotiation and commercial skills 

How Movemeon supported

olta movemeon picture

Hullabalook was supported by Olta (Movemeon Client Success Team)

  • From adding to your shortlist to advising on compensation, our specialists are here to help until you hire
  • We can advise you on retention, job descriptions & more
  • We help you increase your client brand recognition within our network so you can find top-caliber candidates

Delivery & Impact

  • One of our industry experts had an in-depth conversation with the client to understand the hiring needs and craft an effective job description, which illustrated the unique selling points of the role and the client’s journey and future growth plans
  • We then promoted this opportunity to our network, which comprises over 50,000 consultants, 45% of which have a background from Bain, McKinsey & BCG, with the others coming from major strategy firms, the Big Four and various boutiques
  • The dedicated Success Manager, Olta, shortlisted the best candidates to match the role’s requirements and provided ongoing support to the client


  • By partnering with Movemeon, Hullabalook had access to an unrivalled pool of engaged consultants across the globe
  • Hullabalook saved significant costs compared to traditional headhunters or recruitment companies
  • Hullabalook hired the successful candidate, who previously worked at OC&C, into the Chief of Staff role
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Jack is the startups and scaleups expert at Movemeon. For information about hiring contact Jack

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