Operations Manager

Alan – distributeur de plans d’assurance maladie aux entreprises, couvrant plus de 155 000 membres, représentant plus de 100 millions d’euros de chiffre d’affaires annualisé – est passé par Movemeon pour recruter son Opérations Manager. Il fera évoluer leur plateforme de manière efficace pour gérer une croissance rapide, l’optimisation des coûts et la diversification des produits. 

Feedback du candidat : Ça fait longtemps que je connais Movemeon (inscription en 2015) – J’avais déjà entendu parler de Movemeon au sein de mon ancienne entreprise . J’ai aussi trouvé mon rôle précédent via cette plateforme. c’est donc le second rôle que je trouve grâce à vous.

J’ai voulu m’inscrire à Movemeon car je recherchais ces trois suites de parcours après le conseil : continuer dans le conseil, aller en corporate ou sur des postes plus entrepreneuriaux en startup. 

De plus, votre job board adresse bien les opportunités startup. Movemeon est comme un chasseur digital qui te propose des postes de qualité et en C level en startup. J’ai apprécié les relations avec les Customers Success Managers, de pouvoir échanger sur les différentes offres et d’avoir un intermédiaire entre moi et les employeurs.
J’ai également aimé la plateforme, que je trouve simple d’utilisation et ludique – il est simple de suivre l’évolution des candidatures.”

Vous cherchez à recruter des ex-consultants en stratégie? Bookez un call avec Clément directement ici.

Cette entreprise était en collaboration avec Isabelle, French Client Success Lead 

About Alan

Alan is the healthcare super-app offering personalised information, proactive care, care delivery, payment and post-care. Alan members access a delightful health insurance coverage bundled with innovative healthcare services. 

Founded in 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian and Charles Gorintin, Alan became the first independent health insurance company in France since 1986 to receive a license.

Alan distributes its own health insurance plans to companies of all sizes as well as to independent professionals. 

By providing its members with a delightful health experience and beautifully designed tools, Alan’s long-term goal is to deliver personalised and delightful healthcare to hundreds of millions of Europeans, and beyond.

As of today, Alan covers more than 155,000 members, representing over €100m of annualized revenue.  We recently raised a further €185m in a series D funding round bringing the company’s total valuation to €1.4bn.  The team is 350 people and growing We recently landed in Spain and Belgium and guess what: the best is yet to come!

Underrepresented folks

Science shows that you are less likely to apply if you feel you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites.  If this description matches where you are now or what you’d like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply.

We strive to make our culture as inclusive as possible and believe both the company and its culture are strongest when composed of diverse experiences and backgrounds.

  • We have an open salary & equity policy combined with a transparent career path: we base our people decisions on objective criteria.
  • We have flexible working hours and leave policy.
  • We trust people to work remotely (we are a “work from anywhere” company).
  • We extended the length of parental leave and value this time as professional experience.
  • We respect our coworkers gender identity and use their names, pronouns and agreements no matter their legal status.
  • We make tough decisions if we see discriminatory remarks.

Operations at Alan 

Our Operations team guarantees the delivery at scale of our insurance and healthcare products, efficiently and delightfully. On a day-to-day basis, this means running, building and industrializing processes to deliver the vision and contributing to our strategy by bringing Ops perspective. 

As we anchor our Insurance position in France, diversify our offering with health and well-being related services and expand into an international platform, our operations are becoming very complex and our challenges ahead have never been as exciting!

Being an Ops at Alan means joining a team of 18 talented, committed and passionate Ops experts from three different countries, with a lot of interactions with Engineering, Product, Care and many other teams at Alan.


The Operations Community’s core responsibilities are to build and strengthen our operational capabilities and scale our platform efficiently to handle fast growth, cost optimisation and product diversification. 

We need team members to be ready to disrupt (and not only upgrade) the way we traditionally think about insurance or healthcare, and truly re-engineer the experience we offer to our members . 

The main missions will involve:

  • Run 
    • Perform and scale daily operations for billing, claims management or medical chat with Care, Engineers, Product etc. 
    • Supervise and grow the team of insurance operators or our network of doctors
    • Handle partnerships with partners (teleconsultations, etc.)
  • Build
    • ?Lead and implement very strategic projects such as the launch and scale of new insurance products, internalisation of stackflows (insurance billing or health claim management), creation  of new health services offering (psychological well being offer Alan Mind, 1st B2C offer with Alan Baby), etc. with full ownership on the deliverables 
  • Industrialize to reach operational excellence
    • Set up efficient operations monitoring to build a granular understanding of our operations, track volumes/efficiency and identify risks and areas of improvement
    • Identify continuous improvement initiatives and push automation of our insurance or medical processes and workflows to make them more personalised and more efficient
  •  Strategy / Leadership
    • Define Ops strategic vision on Company’s key topics, drive alignment at Company level and navigate through the different teams to make things happenMap existing landscape and market trends, define priority use cases, explore build/buy/partner options, etc. for instance of our Alan Baby app
  • People growth
    • Mentor team members by providing the right level of support, helping them grow and offering the right platform to learn

Profile & Competencies 


You would be a good fit in the Operations team at Alan if you have 5-10 years of experience in building, optimising and running processes to offer the best experience to our members in a scalable and efficient way.

You have:

Hard skills

  • Strong strategic thinking and planning: Ability to definea vision and drill down into an actionable plan and roadmap, ability to consider complex problems and factor in different dimensions (business, customer experience, regulatory, etc.) with a deep level of structure
  • Passionate about digging into ops/technical processes:  ability to build and optimise processes that ensure quality of service, performance and scalability, while making them clear and delightful internally and for our members 
  • Strong analytical & problem solving skills and ability to conduct deep data analysis
  • Communication: Communicates well with Alaners, our investors, and service providers

Soft skills/ Behavioural traits

  • Comfortable in fast-paced environments where there is a high level of uncertainty, ability to remain proactive and biased to action in exploratory project stages, at ease to self-start and work independently with a strong capacity to adapt
  • Highly adaptable and fast learner : excited to learn new tools, technologies, and methodologies
  • Highly organized, able to handle many different tasks in parallel
  • Hands-on:  Not scared of getting their hands dirty and dive into any problem
  • Challenger: Portrays a general growth mindset and challenges Alan’s past decisions. 
  • Collaborative/ team player: Able to navigate through an organisation and work with very  transversal teams, able to handle stakeholders with very different needs and expectations – great attitude and ability to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams that can include clinicians 
  • Leadership: Able to attract top talents, lead, mentor and make people grow
  • User centricity and empathy: A sensibility for Product / UX esp. For early stage, and towards member’s and colleague’s satisfaction
  • Experience building new and early-staged products and services with a user-centric approach, understanding of key principles of early-stage products such as traction, retention, learning loop, etc.


  • A successful track record in scaling a company or setting up complex operations 
  • Healthcare/digital health or insurance experience, passion for healthcare delivery
  • SQL knowledge allowing to be fully autonomous when drilling into the data

The Alan Method

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that translate into our approach to work:

  • We solve big problems, quickly, with focus
  • We tell and share everything
  • We grow as individuals while we are developing the company

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees. This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks for them to be happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers. Therefore, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages, along with meaningful equity
  • An awesome office in the center of Paris
  • Relocation packages for our international candidates
  • A great healthcare program (yes, Alan ????)
  • Flexible and remote-friendly work environment
  • The necessary equipment for you to do your best work (Noise Cancelling Headphones, a Macbook Pro, secondary screen, etc.). You can have them at home, in case you are mostly working remotely
  • And a lot more great stuff (feel free to ask)!

Perks & Benefits

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees. This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks for them to be happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers. 

Therefore, we offer:

  •  Flexible Office. Amazing office space in the headquarters, sponsored co-working hubs or a full-remote experience for those who want, with home office equipment sponsorship.
  • We reward fairly. Competitive Salary and generous equity packages
  • All the tools you need. Top of the range equipment: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • Flexible vacation policy. Alaners can organize their time off as they wish.
  • Delightful healthcare insurance. Extremely comprehensive health insurance with Alan Blue – 100% of the contribution covered by Alan for you and your family
  • Transport. Country-specific commuter benefits
  • Learning & Training opportunities. A very flexible Training policy at Alan, free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises
  • Parental leave & Childcare. Extended parental leave for all new parents & daycare solutions (France only).

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