Project Manager (developing into CXO role)

Nexlife hired their Project Manager from the Movemeon community. The successful member studied at Cambridge.

If you are interested in finding out more, here is the original job description posted on Movemeon.

About Nexlife

Nexlife Wearables is an exciting wearable tech start-up based in London. The company owns a proven and patented all-fabric sensor technology that can be easily integrated into chest-based garments for sport, workwear and healthcare applications. Another valuable application of the technology is a smart compression bandage that measures applied pressure in real time for wound care applications. Nexlife is owned and financially backed by the owners of Bisley Workwear, a leading international industrial apparel business headquartered in Australia.

About the role

We are seeking a dynamic, self-driven and ambitious professional to join a small but experienced investment team in London to lead the implementation of the company strategy, which is to commercialise our revolutionary technology through collaborative B2B partnerships. You will be supported in the role by four senior investment professionals with experience in apparel, strategy, management, business development, finance and wearables – however, the ability to work autonomously is imperative. You will be required to manage one direct report in the technical team, liaise with several consultants to the business and report directly to the investment team and owners of the business.

Role will be full-time, based in London (in our fantastic office space in Fitzrovia). However, there will be some travel both within the UK and abroad (~1 day / week on average).

Key attributes required

  • Excellent core commercial skills (communication, analysis, time management, reporting, planning etc.) in order to simultaneously engage and manage multiple stakeholders.
  • An affinity for tech: must be able to quickly learn about Nexlife’s technology (conductive fabrics, miniaturised electronics, mobile apps) in order to understand its key benefits and articulate this to collaboration partners and customers.
  • Initiative combined with flexibility: ability to independently generate concrete execution plans based on high-level strategic objectives, as well as the ability to adapt and change these plans based on feedback.
  • A “test and develop” attitude: must be willing to investigate ideas quickly to understand their commercial potential, and then refine plans according to what is learned through initial feedback.
  • Financial literacy: should be able to create and manage a budget, as well as build simple financial models in excel based on different commercial arrangements with collaboration partners.

Location: Fitzrovia, London

Compensation: £50-70k base salary (based on experience) + significant equity options (could be worth >10x base salary within 2-3 years)

Application process and timelines

If your CV and cover letter passes screening, you will be emailed a few questions and asked to submit a short (~10min) video of you giving your answers.

In-person interviews with shortlisted candidates will follow video submissions, and an offer will be made very soon following this.

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