Senior Analyst – Client & Brand Insights

Source, a leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global management consulting industry is seeking more bright and brilliant senior analysts to join the rapidly growing team. Our next hire is going to be specialised in the Client & Brand Insights area of our business which means working on clients’ perceptions of a consulting firm.


They hired a Senior Analyst – Client & Brand Insights consultant on Movemeon. This role was viewed by 249 Movemeon members and received 51 applications.

The successful candidate previously worked at FTI Consulting.

An in-depth description of the role

The company

Co-founded in 2008 by one of the leading commentators on the management consulting industry, Fiona Czerniawska (ex- EY & PwC), Source has since become a leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global management consulting industry, headquartered in London.

Underpinned by the biggest and most sophisticated data model of the consulting industry ever created, our work helps consulting firms to navigate the ever-changing market place and accelerate their growth plans. Our customers include all of the world’s biggest 20 consulting firms; we provide them with the intelligence they need to make better decisions.


Our team and culture:

The Source team is made up of around 30 bright and hard-working individuals, many of whom started their careers in large consulting firms before joining Source to continue doing challenging analytical and strategic thinking, for consulting firms themselves, in a more diverse and flexible environment. We travel frequently to major business centres like New York, Frankfurt, Paris and Dubai – but rarely to an extent that’s overwhelming.

Our culture is one of the cornerstones of our success: We give our people a say in the way our company is run – for example, by allowing them to vote on everything from working hours to the way bonuses are paid – treating them as individuals, but celebrating our successes as a team. It’s a relaxed, fun, but hard-working company, where everybody has a voice and is encouraged to share their ideas about how we grow. We back that up by distributing 20% of our profits among our staff every year, and by providing employees with the opportunity to own equity in our business.

Every year, those who have worked with the company for the longest time get to nominate a destination for one of our quarterly meetings, and then everybody gets to vote on where we go. So far that’s taken us to Istanbul, Seville, Dubrovnik and Corfu.


About the opportunity:

Reporting to Alison Huntington, Head of Client & Brand Insights, in this role you will be working interpreting the data we have about clients’ perceptions to make informed conclusions and presenting these conclusions to our clients. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Analysis: Make sense of large amounts of data (both qualitative and quantitative) and tease out the stories and trends hidden within it. Develop a good understanding of the professional services market, including sector-wide trends and what’s going on in specific firms.
    Data visualisation: Make effective use of data visualisation to tell a story using charts and graphics. For this you will need to have an advanced knowledge of Excel.
  • Writing: Write reports (in PowerPoint or Word format) that conform to Source’s house style and uphold the integrity of our research using qualitative and/or quantitative data, but which also shimmer with personality and brilliance.
    Presentations: Create presentations for clients, using proprietary or custom data sets, and answer their questions. You need to be comfortable using PowerPoint to create engaging and informative presentations and delivering these to audiences of all shapes and sizes.
  • Blogging: Write blogs that entertain and entice our readership. – Working on bespoke projects: Work on some of the tailored research projects we do for our clients. This could include designing surveys, interviewing senior clients, or analysing and writing up the results.
  • Project management: Manage the delivery of projects, from briefing colleagues to producing the analysis and following up with clients.
  • Interviews: Conduct research interviews, typically with either consulting firms or their clients, over the telephone or face to face.
  • Reviewing: Occasionally we might need you to review, sense-check, or edit other people’s reports.

About you:

We need a highly numerate and analytical person capable of working with data that can be incomplete or imperfect, and who can tell compelling stories from a body of hard data. We need someone with an ability to zoom in and zoom out, capable of drilling down into the detail when required while never losing sight of the big picture. We need someone with good judgement–who can find the stories within our research that matter to our customers. You will need to be creative and have three to five years’ experience doing strategy work in the management consulting industry.

In addition to this, we want our organisation to consist of people who:

  • Are always professional
  • Take the wheel when needed, and demonstrate leadership by example
  • Have a positive attitude; laugh a lot!
  • Can always be objective and honest
  • Keep an eye on the future
  • Are generous with their time in order to help each other (and our customers) succeed
  • Are approachable, have a sense of fairness, and trust each other
  • Are curious, and who want to learn
  • Develop products we can be proud of and are constantly looking for ways to improve things (products and processes)

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