Senior Manager

OC&C Strategy Consultants is a leading global strategy consulting firm that brings clear thinking to the most complex issues facing today’s management teams.


They advertised on movemeon for a Manager position. The successful movemeon member previously worked as a Strategy Consultant at Vodafone and a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.


An in-depth description of the role

With ~200 or so consultants in our London office and ~500 consultants across our 14 offices, we are big enough to be recognised by our clients as a top tier strategy house, tackling their most important questions, but small enough to be personable for our team. Our London office is one where everyone knows each other. And we meet up together as a whole company for a training week abroad every year. The majority of our work tends to be office based/London based, meaning a lot less travel (and a lot more time at home). Our pay is highly competitive within the sector.

Sustainable work-life balance is important to us. Like in all consultancies, projects can be hard work. So everyone has the flexibility to take 1 month off per year – in addition to a full holiday allowance – to spend how they choose e.g, with kids/family, travelling, independent working, hobbies, you name it. This makes consulting more sustainable for those who would otherwise leave for industry but would prefer to stay.

Unlike other consultancies, we focus on a limited number of sectors – Consumer; Retail, TMT, Transport, Travel; Logistics and Industrials; Business Services. We also are known for strategy and M&A over any other discipline, long implementation projects are not what we are good at nor what we want to do. We prefer to be known as real experts in certain areas rather than jack of all trades and master of none. Our entry requirements are very demanding, often more so than our competitors, but we offer colleagues a unique mix of strategy-focused work in interesting industry sectors.


Your role:

As a Manager, you will be the linch pin in delivering projects and managing the client and OC&C team. Your career progression will be to Associate Partner followed by Partner.
This role involves working as a key member of the OC&C case team. The role will assist OC&C with building existing relationships and extending the company’s offering and brand. A key focus will be working on strategic, operational, organisational and financial consulting projects focusing on achieving client results.

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