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The successful candidate previously worked at Javelin Group.

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This company was supported by Gaby, Client Success Manager.

An in-depth description of the role

About Us

We believe that empowering authentic expression is a right everyone should have.  

We’ve spent roughly 5 years in stealth developing patented step-change technology. The technology was recently backed by the European Commission as a ‘world’s first’. It will only be available in our own purpose-built retail clinics that will redefine the standard of care. Our first clinic launches in London later this year. 

Our team brings together expertise from some of the world’s leading consumer technology, strategy, and healthcare companies: Apple, Funding Circle, Nested, Bain & Company, Google, Intel, among others. Track record, multi-exit founder. Tier 1 investors.   

We’re looking for people who want to change the way customers experience healthcare, if that’s you – let’s talk.


  • ~20 employees
  • Pre-revenue
  • Live in market by end of 2019

About You

  • Having likely spent 3-6 years in strategy, analysis, and advisory, you’re desperate to get hands-on. You’re frustrated by how slowly things move and believe there’s a way to move faster. You want to be part of a team that’s moving with pace. 
  • You reason from first principles. Ideas are great, but data-backed assumptions are better – and even better – execution. Outcomes matter, 1% done and 95% done aren’t that different; 100% done is different. 
  • You put your hand up … for the things you know you can do, and the things that aren’t immediately obvious. You back yourself to figure it out and accept feedback along the way. 
  • You are obsessed with numbers. With quantifying the unquantifiable. With measuring success and performance. You live at the intersection of data, strategy, and want to get more hands-on in operations and implementation. You’re quantitatively excellent, including a natural fluency in managing numbers – be they related to finance or data. You’re not a number cruncher, but you do love excel.
  • You want to build something special and are excited by the opportunity to build a company which is the first of its kind is. 
  • You’re someone who likes challenges, loves to try new things and isn’t afraid to fail

Your Approach

  • Straight talking. No nonsense. Urgent and focused. 
  • Supportive, working toward shared goal. 
  • Rigorous decision making.
  • Proud of what we do, and what we leave behind. 
  • Excited and ambitious. 

About the role

  • Equity + salary blend. Competitive with market. 
  • C-level report. 
  • Collaborate with the Founder and founding team to map the strategy and growth of the business.
  • Build and manage the company-wide dashboard showing key metrics and business objectives across each functional unit.
  • Collaborate with all teams to ensure optimal business processes through rigorous data analysis.
  • Participate and eventually lead in business forecasting and planning activities.
  • Be a utility player, stepping into any part of the business to help when needed: acquisition, finance, marketing, technology, retail operations.

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