Movemeon have created a niche for really quite desirable candidates that have consulting backgrounds, and that is a skill set that companies really value.

Movemeon offered us a pool of candidates that I found really well-screened. Almost without effort from me, the candidates I get are already top quality.

With a network and community of consultants ready to be deployed in a freelance capacity, movemeon was a fantastic choice for us.

Working with movemeon is easy: what you want as a recruiter is a smaller number of applications, but more relevancy - that's exactly what we got.

We've tried various channels, and movemeon caught our eye because it allowed us to go at our pace & you don't get any hard sell.

We’ve had a great experience hiring freelancers through Movemeon. The turnaround is quick and the quality of the candidates applying is really high.

Thanks again for your help. As ever, the service was excellent and I would (and do) continue to recommend you.

Movemeon has a bigger pool of relevant candidates and working with Movemeon has further educated us on recruiting for the ex-consulting experience. I give the support received from Movemeon 10/10 – there is nothing else I could have asked for or wanted.