Movemeon offered us a pool of candidates that I found really well-screened. Almost without effort from me, the candidates I get are already top quality.

Thanks again for your help. As ever, the service was excellent and I would (and do) continue to recommend you.

We've had a really great experience working with movemeon. I have a sense of movemeon really applying intelligence and logic to thinking about our requirements.

What makes movemeon better than an agency is the ability to access the platform and so candidates directly.

The candidates we've seen have been a really high calibre. There's been a really great fit between what we need and what we're being sent.

We always try movemeon first and love the quality of the candidates we receive.

Having movemeon supports our growth as a business, making us a place where people aspire to work, and enabling us to engage with those people .

Fantastic service: good introductory call and follow-up, and a stream of high-quality candidates - better than I saw through other channels.