"Movemeon was introduced to me by our General Manager who spoke highly of it. He was previously CEO for Yum! - Movemeon is well recognised!"

"Movemeon is a good mix between LinkedIn and a headhunter. Like an extended version of your network, but with the added service of a knowledgeable account manager."

"Movemeon supports our growth as a business, connects us to great people, and helps us to market ourselves as a place people aspire to work."

I’ve had considerable experience with headhunters – this was the best quality recruitment. To be able to have a conversation with someone who’s quick on the brief, understands the conversations, is able to use language that resonates with school’s needs and appeals to candidates is fantastic. Not all companies can do that.

"We've had a really great experience working with Movemeon. They really apply intelligence and logic when considering our requirements."

"Movemeon gives you access to a high-quality talent pool that would otherwise take huge amounts of time, effort, and money to dip into."

The candidates we've seen have been a really high calibre. There's been a really great fit between what we need and what we're being sent.

"Interim hiring through Movemeon is amazing. Turnaround is quick and the candidate quality is high (we found a candidate with the right experience within days)."