Movmemeon is unique in recruitment; how the roles are matched and the way they handle candidates with respect - I've not come across any other provider that understands that and to the scale that movemeon does.

What makes movemeon better than an agency is the ability to access the platform and so candidates directly.

I am really impressed at the people in the community - even better than I had expected!

Movemeon strikes the right balance between tech and advice. Their tech made the recruitment process very efficient – collection of CVs, interview scheduling, candidate communication, shortlist, and final decision. While their advice on compensation levels and the right profile of candidate for the role has been invaluable.

The support I received was extremely good, firstly to understand how the system works, then to help me tailor the job description to the platform.

I have already run several recruiting processes with movemeon and have always been extremely happy with the quality of candidates provided.

A great way to access top candidates whilst raising company profile. We cut out the middle-man and managed candidate experience directly. Hired within 3 weeks!

Fantastic service: good introductory call and follow-up, and a stream of high-quality candidates - better than I saw through other channels.