Movemeon was introduced to me by our General Manager who spoke highly of it. He was previously CEO for YUM - movemeon is well recognised!

The movemeon process has worked very well for us. It was much more targeted and effective than what we were doing ourselves through Linkedin.

Movemeon gives you access to a really important and quality candidate pool that would otherwise take huge amounts of time, effort and money to dip into.

Our experience with movemeon was first class. They listened hard to a tricky brief & sourced an impressive range of very high-calibre candidates!

With movemeon's support we've been able to hire a high caliber candidate within weeks. Movemeon is now among our preferred suppliers for hiring high potentials.

We’ve had a great experience hiring freelancers through movemeon. The turnaround is quick and the quality of the candidates applying is really high.

Thanks movemeon! Kudos to you for having such a wide range of interesting and fulfilling career postings. Having movemeon made me excited about job hunting.