Tim celebrates his new role at Apperio

“Having built a solid base of skills with a couple of years in consulting I was super keen to make the move into small company/startup space.  I’d been googling around a bit but hadn’t had much luck until a friend mentioned movemeon. My biggest problem then was deciding which companies to apply for from the fantastic array listed on the site!

The process was incredibly quick, and I went from application to offer in less than a week! Thanks to movemeon I’m now working in a small legal tech startup of approx 14 people called Apperio. The team are fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!
Thanks movemeon!”

– Tim (ex-PwC Consulting) moved to a new role at Apperio.

Tim celebrating his new job

Tim has celebrated his new role with his girlfriend whilst on a trip to Sweden. They had very traditional meatballs and mash at ‘Meatballs for All!’ in Stockholm.

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