What is movemeon’s “celebrate on us?”

Landing a new job is a big moment. A moment that deserves celebrating. So, here at movemeon, we thought to ourselves “why not thank our users by helping them celebrate when they land a new job?”  So as of June 2015, we do just that.

We’ve kept it nice and simple. If you land a job that you apply for through movemeon, we’ll fund £50 of a celebratory dinner. Be that with friends, family or maybe even your new colleagues. It’s just our way of saying thanks and congrats.

We’ve integrated celebrate on us with our referral rewards too. So if a friend you refer to movemeon (through your referral page in your account), gets a job through movemeon, we’ll fund £50 of your celebration and £50 of their celebration too. You might even combine forces and have one heck of a knees up on us.

Last but not least, if you refer an employer to movemeon, you guessed it….you can celebrate that too.

Here are some recent examples of MMO members taking advantage of celebrate on us: Rose who moved to HelloFresh, Jeremy who moved to TransferWise, Phil who freelance consulted, Ted who moved to JustGiving and Rory who moved to Rocket Internet.

Happy celebrating – from the movemeon team!

Celebrate on us

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