Freelancing – 9 benefits and ways to find work

Freelancing – 9 benefits and ways to find work

Freelancing – 9 benefits and ways to find work. Working for yourself as a freelancer/contractor/interim consultant is a career option that people often fail to consider. However, it was a great model for us as we researched and set up Movemeon. We recommend the freelance route particularly for professional services people starting out as entrepreneurs. Perhaps freelancing could be a good option for you to explore.

Here we share some benefits and some tactics for finding work.

The benefits

  1. Freedom to leave your current job without your next permanent role lined up.
  2. Pays the bills if you’re researching a business idea.
  3. Pays well. There are 2 rules of thumb on knowing what to charge: i) your permanent salary divided by 100 (remember as a freelancer you won’t have any benefits or paid holiday); ii) the day rate that your employer charged you out at divided by 3.
  4. Avoids ‘gaps’ on your CV.
  5. The work tends to involve more responsibility. The client will want you as a mini-project manager, you’ll ‘own’ the relationships, have more exposure and be your own boss.

The ways to get a freelance job

  1. Use Movemeon. We know, we know…. we’re biased! But we’ve had some great freelancing roles come through the site – so keep your eyes open and register for free freelance job alerts.
  2. Let your former employer know. You’ll be surprised at the number of clients that will approach a firm with smaller jobs (that aren’t worth your employer’s while to pitch for), or part-time jobs (that they couldn’t staff given that they only have full-time employees). Your employer could recommend your services.
  3. Let your friends and colleagues know.
  4. Let your former clients know (subject to terms of your employment contract with your former employer).

Freelancing need not be forever, but it’s often a good option for now. If you’re freelancing, we’d love to hear your thoughts – email:

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