2021 Consulting Trends – A Movemeon’s Insights Series

2021 Consulting Trends – A Movemeon’s Insights Series

At Movemeon, we are privileged enough to sit at the intersection of disruption in the consulting industry: Speaking with senior leaders in consulting firms of all sizes, as well as with thousands of ex and current consultants themselves, we see how clients’ needs are evolving, which firms have kept pace with digital transformation, and how delivery mechanisms are changing – all within the context of political and macroeconomic uncertainty.

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Over the course of Q4, we will share some of our insights and offer our view on some of the major trends shaping the industry. As 2021 draws to a close, it seems like a great opportunity to reflect on the changes brought on by the pandemic and the solutions consultancies have resorted to, or the measures they may need to take in the future.

Over the past 9 months alone, we saw a surge in demand from consultancies of all kinds on our platform. So much so that we posted 13 times more advisory roles than during the whole of 2020. If you’re interested in finding out why, you can read our latest insights and industry experts’ interviews on our website.

Read our whole series below:

  1. The war for talent: Do you need capability, capacity, or both?

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