The Most Popular Functions & Job Titles in 2021 – Movemeon’s Market Trends

The Most Popular Functions & Job Titles  in 2021 – Movemeon’s Market Trends

In Q3, Movemeon worked on twice as many roles as the same period last year. This is an accurate representation of the continued growth we are privileged enough to see in 2021. We talk to many hiring managers and candidates looking for their next steps, in various industries and at different seniority levels. In this instalment of our Market Trend Series, we’re taking a look at the most popular functions and job titles on Movemeon this year.

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Global Trends

Globally, the most highly sought-after functions on Movemeon this year are the following:

  • General Management (P&L, Team)
  • Operations
  • Programme, Project & Change Management
  • Strategy

Of course, strategy will always be the most important function when it comes to recruiting candidates who have some experience in consulting because that is where they excel. Strategy experts are especially wanted in high-growth companies, Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, as well as Boutique Consultancies. But consultants are also highly sought-after to manage a team or a company’s P&L thanks to their exposure to similar projects in their consulting missions. As a result, more junior consultants make for great project and change managers and companies are eager to recruit talent with the consulting toolkit for such positions.

Tech & Startups

Interestingly, hiring managers in Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, Boutique Consultancies, and in the Public Sector are especially interested in Project & Change Managers. This can be explained by the fact that more and more of these companies are focusing on digitalisation and automation of their processes. 2020 was a real wake-up call for many businesses as they were forced to digitalise their activity to fit the evolution of consumers’ needs, as more and more people relied on online solutions and products while stuck at home.


According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 39% of employers find themselves with ‘hard-to-fill’ vacancies. Companies in business services are just under this average with 36% of the sector with ‘hard-to-fill’ positions. 

While a common long-term solution to this talent shortage is to upskill current staff, when companies need a more immediate fix, they resort to freelancers. Contractors are also the best solution for employers who face uncertainty and need a short-term solution with highly flexible talent.

Operations & Supply Chain

Candidates with experience in Operations are in high demand in startups in various stages as well as, unsurprisingly, consumer goods organisations. We don’t expect this demand to decrease anytime soon due to the supply chain shock this year. Companies know that, in the future, they will need to take rapid actions when unexpected and sudden changes occur. So companies need to consolidate their Operations and Supply Chain systems to make sure they can deal with any crisis in the face of uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, Brexit or both!

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