Leaving consulting? Here are five things you might miss…

Leaving consulting? Here are five things you might miss…

There are lots of reasons people leave consulting. When we polled our members, the top 3 were: working unsustainable hours, advising rather than doing and spending too much time travelling away from family & friends. In another poll, we also found out what the dream post-consulting industry. 

But when people leave, there are often things they miss. Some go back. For others who decide to move to an industry role, for example, the cons still outweigh the pros (particularly for those who only went into consulting as a means to an end). Here are the things most people seem to mention that they miss the most*

(*please pardon the generalisation. Obviously, there will be plenty of exceptions!)

  1. The consistently high calibre of colleagues
  2. The variety of work
  3. The problem solving – big juicy ones
  4. The expenses (posh dinners, reward points, taxis & air miles)
  5. The travel (some are great; just not quite that much!)

So if you’re leaving consulting or know that you’ll leave eventually, take time to appreciate all the things you’re likely to miss when you’re gone!

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